Steps to achieving an ergonomic kitchen

Living in Gurgaon, the residents have a couple of choices on how to manage their homes. They either opt for ready-made options, already provided by real estate developers, or want to customize their home to fit their needs and style. Since the influx of businesses and investments on a large scale, there has been a huge demand for luxury housing projects like Whiteland Blissville to cater to the growing demand for housing, as there has been relocation in the city on a large scale. But more than buying the house, it’s about what happens after that for the residents.

But even when redecorating the home or customizing it upon purchase, it doesn’t always have to be the entire home. Residents also opt for customizing specific parts of the home like the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. In contemporary times, there is an array of options to customize a particular part of your home and add that aesthetic appeal. One of the most talked about areas in the home is the kitchen part. Today there are a lot of ways to customize the kitchen and enhance that place than it was some years back. So let’s discuss some of the ergonomic designs in the kitchen that can be implemented.

Customize the height of the countertop

When having an ergonomic kitchen design, the countertop is primarily the most important aspect of the kitchen, to begin with. The countertop needs to be aligned with the user to avoid any discomfort or strain in the back while cooking. The whole idea is to align the countertop as per the elbow height and should be 4 inches below the elbow for comfortable positioning. This way, the user can cook on the countertop for as long as they wish, without having to worry about putting any type of stress or pain.

Kitchen work triangle

The work triangle connects three important spots in the kitchen. Refrigerator, sink, and cooktop. But while this design, is an important zone, there has to be some distance and spacing given between these three areas, so that one can move around freely carry out the day-to-day tasks in the kitchen, and be able to work better and new age residential houses like Whiteland Gurgaon work on its design to be able to implement this change.

Implementing adequate drawers

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of having an organized and neat kitchen space in a luxury home like Whiteland Gurgaon is by implementing different-sized drawers with organizers for the plates, cookware, and cutlery. The benefit is that it provides a pull-out that opens to the entire length which enables an entire view of the contents, allowing access to stored items without too much bending.

Ensuring the required clearance height

To achieve an ergonomic layout of the kitchen, it is important to ensure that a bare minimum distance between the countertop and overhead cabinets is at least two feet. Keeping that factor in consideration, the depth of overhead cabinets should be around 15 inches, so that you can avoid the awkward bump while cooking.

Implementing awning style overhead cabinet

It can be considered a good and trendy idea to replace classic hinged door cabinets with uplift-side overhead cabinets. The lift-up movement of the shutter is practical, easy to use, and ensures better safety since it does not tend to hit the head, making it one of the safest designs in the kitchen.


Whiteland New Launch understands the growing importance of residents wanting to customize their home or personal spaces, once they settle in. This is why it becomes important for luxury skyscrapers to provide their residents with that flexibility for them to be able to, design their homes, as per their liking and requirements.

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