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Whiteland Arena - Residential Projects in Sector 76, Gurgaon

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Achieve the bliss of luxury in Whiteland Arena 76

When it comes to emerging real estate establishments in a millennial city like Gurgaon which already boasts of some of the best projects that have been seen in the country, Whiteland Corporation comes to mind, which is slowly establishing itself as one of the unique and futuristic developers in the city, especially with their latest commercial project Whiteland arena 76 which stands as a testament of their high-end luxury projects and opulence architectural design which makes it stand out from other residential projects and provides a lavish living experience which is unparalleled in the city.

Whiteland Arena sec 76 has been built as a flagship project in the growing part of sector 76 which is growing and developing as more establishments will be taking place alongside Dwarka Expressway, which is set to make that area a landmark and top hot spot for investment in the city with Whitland corporation being at the forefront of it with their latest offering being a landmark in that area. The potential of sector 76 is huge as it is bound to develop various job openings in the coming years and its hassle-free commute between Delhi and Gurgaon and efficient travel across the city. 

Project Highlights of Whiteland Arena 76

  • Residents will have a smooth time traveling between Gurgaon and Delhi, and other parts of the city, because of the smooth connectivity of roads, thanks to the highways.  
  • Whiteland Arena finds itself near some other residential developments and other important sectors that can influence the market pricing of this residential property in years to come. 
  • It is located in close range to the southern peripheral road and NH 8 which offers easy connectivity across different parts of the city. 
  • It’s in an adjacent location to the Green Belt master plan. 
  • Architecture by Hafeez Contractor
  • Landscape by Oracle
  • Vastu-compliant architecture
  • Overlooking the Aravali range
  • Dedicated green belts
  • State-of-the-art Clubhouse

Whiteland Arena 76 Pricing 

The luxury residential project comes with a flexible payment plan which is 30:25:45 to be paid in a tentative time of 4 years. You have to pay 30 percent in the first 6 months, the next 25 percent within 2 years, and the rest 45 percent at the time of possession.    

Floor Size  Pricing 
Ground Floor  213-487 On request 
First floor  109-456 On request 
Second Floor  109-456 On request 

Location Benefits

Whiteland Arena sec 76 is smartly nestled in one of the most growing and booming sectors of the city where development has been taking place at a rapid pace and serves as one of the crucial connectivity joints between Gurgaon and other parts of the city. Aside from this, it is located amidst upcoming residential and commercial properties which will see this sector booming in the economy and becoming an important establishment in the city. Let’s have a look at some of the other advantages like connectivity. 

  • SPR – 1.5 Km 
  • Gurgaon Railway station – 15 KM
  • Huda City Centre – 14 KM 
  • IGI Airport – 27 KM

Whiteland Arena 76 Amenities 

In contemporary times, it is really important to have a range of amenities within their complex as today, S.C.O buildings have become a lot more than just hub for shopping and having small office complexes. Let us understand, that the amenities that have been incorporated into this building play a key role in adding overall value. 

  • Carefully managed entry & exits to enhance the security of the complex. 
  • Secured Peripheral Wall 
  • Huge parking space to accommodate more clients, professionals, investors, and visitors. 
  • An array of fine dining restaurants with world-class cuisines. 
  • Shopping complex with a variety of luxury brands to choose from. 
  • High brand visibility & recognition. 
  • 24-hour power backup 

Future Potential 

Whiteland Gurgaon has been known for not just designing their projects lavishly but also keeping it futuristic which not only stands the test of time, but remains relevant and new even after the years pass by, and new projects and establishments get implemented. Whiteland Arena 76 is no exception, especially being nested in the growing sector of the city. The real estate market has been growing and some particular sectors in the city have been booming like sector 76 and the trend will only continue to grow. There has barely been a better time to invest in real estate projects in the 21st century than now, as we see Gurgaon heading towards becoming a smart city and key contributor towards countries growing economy. Hence investing now, especially in the Whiteland arena would offer not just profitable returns but it would help in being part of a growing society and neighborhood. Besides, as Gurgaon finds itself amid rapid growth, demand for real estate projects like these will only continue to grow and flourish. This makes it just the right time to invest in this project for good ROI. 


Booking an apartment in Whiteland Blissville Sector 76 Gurgaon enables you to enjoy the benefits of pre-booking. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the bliss of luxury where you can access all the provisions for entertainment, fitness, and mental peace. Availing all the coveted amenities, you can excel in day-to-day tasks. Contact our sales executive to learn more about every fine detail of Whiteland Blissville Gurgaon.